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    The staff at Horizons Clinical Research Center, LLC prides itself on the care and treatment given each
    and every participant. The following comments by some of our current or past study participants attest  
    to the effort made by the staff to treat each patient as a VIP.

    "Experience was great!" -David-

    "I appreciate the opportunity to get some relief with my condition, Thanks!" -John-

    "Everyone and everything was great!" -Robert-

    "Very friendly staff and always smiling. They go above and beyond to make you feel special and well cared for!" -

    "Horizons takes research seriously and you will get great results!" -Ailyn-

    " I had a tremendous experience!" -Brianna-

    "I really enjoyed my experience with Horizons Clinical Research Center. Genuine concern is evident from all staff
    members, administrative to doctors, and it shows through the whole clinical process." -Paul-

    "Horizons is wonderful! Thanks to the staff for helping me in every way! I can't wait to participate in another study" -

    "I am so glad I participated! Everyone and everything was great!" -Dana-

    " I was very impressed with the staff." -Dave-

    "The girls at the clinic were very nice and informative. The procedures were performed in a timely manner!"-Cherie-
    "Nicely done!" -Rheta-

    "Thanks you! Everyone has been very nice and easy to work with!" -Stephen-

    "Great Experience! The staff is awesome!" -Melissa-

    "The doctor and staff were very involved and informative during the study." -Jerry-

    "My condition did improve a lot and I have gotten complements from several friends." -Mark-

    "Staff is great! I would like to be included in another study."-Christine-

    "Everything was done in a very professional as well as personal manner. I did not feel like a specimen but rather a
    client; a person: not a number." -James-

    "Everything was great! The girls here are wonderful and helped me to feel at ease!" -Diana-

    "I really appreciate the flexibility in scheduling visits, as not to negatively impact my work schedule." -Roxanne-

    "Everything was excellent!" -Barbara-

    "I was very pleased with the entire study, results and staff."-Jessica-

    "Always great communication." -John-

    "My experience was great! The staff was excellent!" -Danielle-

    "I appreciate that all appointments were prompt and dependable." -Carolyn-

    "Isabel was outstanding to work with! She made me feel very comfortable and was so personable. I really looked
    forward to my visits because she was such an enjoyable person!"  -Robert-

    "I very much enjoyed my experience here and would like to thank everyone on the staff, especially Mary!" "I felt
    completely comfortable and everyone was very accommodating!"-Michelle-

    "Staff very professional, keep up the good work!" -Gerald-

    "Great job!" -Anthony-

    "Keep doing what you do! Great job!" "Horizons Clinical Research Center helped me help myself." -Raymond-

    "Jessica has been excellent! All of the staff is very professional." -David-

    "Wonderful job!" -John-

    "All physicians were exceptional and had a lot of knowledge. Very happy I participated in this study. Horizons
    Clinical Research Center is awesome!" -Ryan-

    "Thank you for all of your help!" -Stephanie-

    "All my visits were wonderful!" -Bertrand-

    "Staff is awesome; well informed and knowledgeable!" -Michael-

    "Thank you for the opportunity. Awesome Staff! Awesome Doctor! Awesome Experience!" -Joann-

    "The quality of care was superb!" -Samantha-

    "Enjoyed interacting with the ladies that work here. I felt confident that my well being was looked after both
    emotionally and physically!" -Vicky-

    "This study was a good experience for me. Thank you for the opportunity!" -Anthony-

    "Horizons is fantastic! The visits are always timely, the doctors are professional and study coordinators are friendly
    and sweet." -Hillary-

    "Thank you for your warm smiles and great attitude!"-Rosalba-

    "Staff was great!" -Pam-

    "You guys did wonderful! Thank you Horizons Clinical Research Center, keep up the good work!" -Cristal-
    "Great people!" -Dennis-

    "Overall great experience!" -Andreina-

    "As a guy who never gives perfect scores I proudly say "Perfecto!"" -Rob-

    "Staff is always prompt, professional, courteous. The visits were always very efficient." -Vern-

    "Everyone did an awesome job!" -Danny-

    "Wonderful!" -Eric-

    "Love participating in your studies!" -Barbara-

    "They know what they are doing." -Richard-

    "Pleased with the outcome!" -Jennifer-

    "I had a very good experience!"-Clint-

    "The staff was very friendly and caring!" -Odalis-

    "Everything was great!" -Scott-

    “The staff was very friendly and always very professional!” Debbie

    “Having never participated in a research study before I don’t have anything to compare with. However I do feel that
    everything was done on a very professional basis and I was treated very well throughout.” Tom

    “This was overall a great experience, and everyone was very kind and accommodating. Thank you! And the
    treatment worked well.” Jules

    “Everything was very good.” Neil

    “I enjoyed this experience very much and look forward to working with Horizons in the future.” Rodney

    “Everything and everyone was great! Please call for additional studies.” Sarah

    “This study provided the cure for my condition. I am very satisfied with this outcome.” Christopher

    “The service I’ve received has been great and I really don’t think it needs to be improved upon. It’s been great! I
    have already told family members about the research study and how it has helped me and for them to give it a try.”

    “You are the best I ever had! Keep up the great work. Very friendly staff and doctor.” Dora

    “Everything was very easy and went smoothly.” Daren

    “What I experienced was kindness and all my questions were answered. The clinic was even very flexible with my
    schedule. This experience was very good! Thank you for letting me participate. It was a lot of fun!” Ketina

    “Even when I ran late the clinic and doctor worked to accommodate my needs. I look forward to participating in
    future studies with this clinic.” Patrick

    “The study helped me a lot.” Jonathan

    “I was so pleased with the study, information, results and staff that I don’t see how it could be improved. Lana

    “Thanks to all for improving my health!” Robert

    “Really appreciate the early morning appointments. Working within my work schedule was very important to me.
    Isabel is absolutely wonderful and knowledgeable!” Giselle

    “Lucia, my nurse, has been excellent throughout the study in explaining everything. Everything was very
    professional and timely. I would highly recommend Horizons to others with my condition.” Mark

    “I think everyone has made the experience the best it could be.” Josi

    “Thanks to the staff they have always been very courteous and attentive to my needs and answered all my
    questions. I always received fresh water from staff also.” Thomas

    “Keep up the good work! Thank you for your help.” Mike

    “A very good experience. Study staff friendly and efficient. A most satisfying experience for what otherwise might be
    hectic. This was well organized, interesting and smooth. “ Robert

    “I felt the entire experience was outstanding!” John

    “It was exceptional care!” Roger

    “Everything is great at the HCRC center. I will come back for another study if needed. Thanks for the help!” Tim

    “Keep doing a great job. You guys are awesome!” Cathrine

    “Your staff rocks!” Alex

    “The staff here is very friendly and welcoming. All of my visits have been very smooth and enjoyable and the staff
    always has me on my way in a timely manner.” Jacob

    “Everything was just stupendous! I love this product! This product by far, is way better than proactive!” Alexa

    “This is the first experience of its kind that I have participated in, but all went well and the entire staff was
    exceptional!” Kathy

    “You guys really helped me out. Thank you so so much!” Marlon

    “Really enjoyed my visits here. Dr. Kerr and Isabel were more than helpful in answering  any questions I had. My
    condition improved in a friendly and relaxing setting.” Michael

    “Everyone was very professional.” Byron

    “Very accommodating to my schedule for appointments including DR. coming in on his day off. Very aware of
    sensitivities and emotional needs at every visit. I would participate in more studies.” Linda

    “I really appreciate Lucia and the great care and courtesy she showed me.” Donna

    “I feel much better and have way fewer hot flashes and am looking forward to seeing it on the market.” Toni

    “Lucia was very competent and compassionate.” Jeanne

    “The study was very accommodating. I can’t think of anything I would have wanted done differently. It was nice to
    come in and see the same tech (Lucia) every time. She’s very nice and was able to answer all my questions.” Kim

    “Keep doing what you do now – it’s all good! The study was informative and a good learning experience. Erika,
    nurse and doctor all very nice and pleasant to work with! I enjoyed participation in this study.” Debra

    “At this time I do not have medical insurance. This study provided me with getting help for my condition. I’m pleased
    I was able to participate. I was extremely pleased with the coordinator. She was very compassionate and helpful
    through-out the course of this study. I was  very impressed with the care I received. The health care I received was
    beyond my expectations. I feel the drug did help my condition. I would be interested in learning more about future
    studies which could be beneficial for my condition.” Denise

    “Isabel, Julie and Marisa are wonderful!” Dawn
    “They’re (visits) always on time and organized. I was treated excellent. I hope I was able to help with the study.
    Hopefully there will be a cure in the future.” Erick

    “Please consider me for any other research opportunities.” Nick

    “The experience has been very pleasant and positive and I did see improvement. The entire experience has been
    very positive and working with Erika has been delightful!” Kay

    “Would love to be involved with more things here – Please feel free to call me anytime.” Sharon

    “It was all a great experience. I loved my coordinator Erika, she was friendly and very great.” Lizett

    “Everyone was very professional and courteous. I really like the staff here and look forward to possible future
    studies to participate in.” Rachelle

    “Participating in this research study has been a valuable experience and my condition has improved more than I
    ever thought possible. Thank you for the opportunity to let me participate in this study. I am so happy I found the
    solution to treating my acne.” Brittany

    “Keep doing a great job!” Myisha

    “Everything was great! I felt comfortable and relaxed with all staff members.” Jessica

    “Wonderful place with great results! Great people! Would come back again. I will tell everyone. My face looks great!
    It is a true blessing. Great doctors and staff! I like you, for making me feel wonderful and pretty again. God bless
    you all!” Sophia

    “Thank you, thank you, thank you!! From the bottom of my heart. I came in here 24 weeks ago desperate, hopeless
    and miserable. Because of the help you have given me, the medications and the support, I have my life back. I feel
    100% better. I don’t itch. I’m not embarrassed to wear certain clothing in public like sleeveless shirts or shorts. I
    have even gone back to the swimming pool without a t-shirt over my suit to cover my skin. Most importantly I have
    been able to get back to being the wife and mother my psoriasis wouldn’t allow me to be. I no longer itch an hurt so
    I can be active and participate in family activities. So again thank you for giving me my life back and giving back to
    my family their wife and mom!” Kellie

    “It has really improved my acne and I am very grateful!” Kuumomi

    “Very easy to participate. Diaries on-line very easy.” Linda

    “Everything and everyone was great! Elizabeth is so pleasant and professional, a joy to be around.” Kathleen

    “Isabel Arnold has been great to me and my needs. She has always returned my calls and taken care of my
    concerns.” Janice

    “I had lost my job which left me with no insurance. I had run out of medicine when I found this study. Thank you!
    The staff is exceptional! I have had a wonderful experience and will miss the staff. “ Linda

    “Staff was always very accommodating to my schedule. Being able to chart by phone and by computer was
    extremely useful.” Shelley

    “Everything was great!” Kyle

    “Everything was great! Isabel has been so fantastic throughout this whole experience!” Anne

    “Horizons did a great job, especially in accommodating scheduling early so I didn’t miss work.” Sondra

    “Staff was very nice.” Taylor

    “It was great how you were able to be flexible around my schedule. I did not have to wait too long ever!” Jennifer

    “You have a great research team!” Stefanie

    “Lucia was always friendly and on time. She always reminded me of my appointments and was very flexible in her
    scheduling times which made it convenient for me.” Kelly

    “I had a good experience with the study and staff.” Mary

    “I would like to thank the staff for being so helpful and caring during the research. It was greatly appreciated!” Angel

    “Lucia always saw me on time. The coordinator, doctors and all the staff were professional about everything.
    Everyone took good care of me while on the study.” Pearly

    “Study coordinator and her care exceeded expectations.” David

    “Experience was very positive. Psoriasis condition improved. Study coordinator was great as well as other staff and
    Doctor.” Roger

    “The overall service and quality was phenomenal! Krysten

    “Really did a great job!. This was a very good study for my skin type. Thank you for confirming the appointments.”

    “The experience was great! Everyone was very nice and helpful during my study.” Myranda

    “Everything has been great and has taught me a lot, not only about myself but also about controlling what I eat and
    how I eat, to keep the blood sugar under control.” Charles

    “It was wonderful being treated like a ‘team member’. Horizons Clinical Research Center is a great place with
    friendly faces who really have a passion for what they do!” Euell

    “My experience here was great! I don’t have any complaints. Everyone was really nice to me. This research and the
    people that helped me through it were great!” Sonia

    “Because the treatment I went through went so well and the staff were always very helpful I can’t think of any
    suggestions. I’m looking forward to seeing my final results and just want to thank  Isabel & Dr. Kerr for all of your
    wonderful help & support!” Anna

    “I feel that the study was good for me because I feel a lot better about myself.” Marcus

    “Everything is running smoothly in my eyes so I have no suggestions, but keep up the good work. Erika was a
    wonderful coordinator! Very kind hearted and always welcoming. Thanks to all of you for your kindness.” Ivan

    “Everyone was very friendly and professional. “ Sean

    “Everything went perfectly!” Max

    “Some of my face is smoother than it’s ever been before. I love it (the study). I’ve been telling everyone at work that
    they should try it. I think it’s great how it’s really helped me out. Thank you!” Nicole

    “I would love to participate again in a study. Everything was great!” Tatiana

    “The staff here was great! I really want to thank the staff for this great opportunity. Everyone here was helpful and I’
    m really going to miss the staff. If there are any more studies feel free to call.” She would highly recommend
    participating in a study at Horizons “because my face has improved so much and the staff here was extremely nice,
    caring, respectful.” Shahila

    “I can’t think of anything else to enhance my experience, all staff are very pleasant and appointment dates and
    times are extremely flexible.” Colton

    “Everything was great!” Janet

    “The only thing I would have liked better was the location. Closer to home. But I’m not complaining. I would drive out
    here over and over again if I had to. This experience  felt nothing like a doctor’s visit or formal experiment. I had fun
    and looked forward to coming to my appts. I never felt scared or embarrassed to ask questions. I’m going to miss
    seeing Ms. Isabel!”  Mary

    “Everything was Great! My study coordinator Lucia Medina was Great! I will miss our visits, always making me feel
    special and welcome.” Ronda

    “Everyone I worked with went out of their way to be patient and make sure I understood everything about my study.
    Isabel Arnold and the dermatologist (don’t remember name – sorry!) made sure I knew everything I could expect. I
    questioned them about the informed consent form and I thought their responses were intelligent and sincere.”

    “Psoriasis is horrible and embarrassing. But I was always treated with kindness and respect! I felt completely
    comfortable discussing my condition during every appointment. This has been a wonderful experience! I am
    grateful to have had 4 months psoriasis free. I was very impressed with everyone’s professionalism, thoroughness,
    and personal touch. I would recommend this experience highly for all the reasons I explain in my comments above.
    Wonderful – thank you!” Candace

    “I was so pleased in working with everyone. Thank you to everyone! I have not felt this good in 8 years!” Melissa

    “All aspects of the study were handled very professionally. Thank you.” T.W.

    “The study was excellent! The entire staff at Horizons is awesome!” Angelo

    “Everyone I’ve come in contact with were extremely pleasant, friendly and genuinely happy to be involved. Coming
    into the study I really didn’t have any expectations but I was overwhelmed with the professionalism and genuine
    commitment by all staff members.” Tristzette

    “Very professional and efficient staff!” Lori

    “Great friendly staff always made me feel welcome. The whole experience from start to finish has been great! Staff,
    doctors, and everyone makes it feel like you are a member of the family.” Wayne

    “My whole experience has been great!” Matthew

    “Everyone was great, especially Erika! I really appreciated the thoroughness and the phone calls I received
    regarding reminders or changes to my appointments. This was the first study I was involved in of any kind and I was
    very impressed with the politeness and professionalism I received during the study. “ Arthur

    “Everyone was very helpful and showed respect and courtesy throughout the study.” Sandra

    “I really like everyone here, they are extraordinary and excellent at their jobs. Keep up the great work and fantastic
    friendly attitudes of all your staff!” Kerry

    “Thanks for helping me, to all staff members!” Irene

    “I have very much enjoyed my short experience I have had here. The study was closed early so I was unable to
    complete my part. Everyone here was very helpful. Made me feel very comfortable. I hope the study opens back up
    so I can join this research clinic again. Thank you very much! Isabel was a joy to be around! “ Donna

    “The staff was very personable and professional at all times.” Rayann

    “Isabel was absolutely wonderful! Very knowledgeable, sincere, and professional.” Jill

    “ I think everything is great!” Abbegail

    “I really don’t see how it could have been improved, it was great! They worked around my needs to help get done
    what needed to be done.” Rebecca

    “I would definitely participate in a study at HCRC again.” Julie

    “The experience was phenomenal! Every member of the staff did an exceptional job.” Shawn

    “I really enjoyed being a participant in this study. The enthusiasm and professionalism of the entire staff made me
    feel as though I was part of the team. Thank you!” Sandra

    “Everyone was very courteous, professional and empathetic.” Denise

    "Isabel is a beautiful and warm person. Everything is fine. No improvement needed." Lilly

    "I feel I was treated exceptionally well in all areas. The staff here is excellent!" Angelo

    " I liked the people working at this clinic. They were professional and friendly. It was a pleasure to be a part of their
    team work. Everything was great!" Irina

    "I thought it was great, appointments were always available at convenient times and the staff were great!" Sarah

    "Isabel Arnold, RN is a true professional and a total asset to this clinical research center. She was a total delight to
    work with! The entire experience was First Class! I always felt very comfortable and was given great care! My
    compliments to the staff and clinic." Nancy

    "I appreciate the opportunity and was pleased with the service and results." Anthony

    "Everything went excellent! I wish more people would get involved with these studies. It would help millions of
    people." Thomas

    "I felt I was treated with the utmost respect and I enjoyed this experience to participate in the research study. I also
    feel I have benefited." Colleen

    "Excellent staff with professional delivery. Flexible with appointment times. I have been involved in other studies and
    this care has been excellent!" Joan

    "The Doctor and staff were very professional and great to work with. Thank you!" James

    "I came in with a lot of doubt towards the treatment but am leaving very impressed.”  Lindsay

    “I do believe studies like this are beneficial to a public who may not be able to afford Actinic Keratosis drug
    treatments at current costs.” Alan

    “HCRC and the staff are incredibly competent and I would recommend their facility to anyone.” Joan

    "Elizabeth has been such a joy. I appreciate the way she kept things calm and comfortable, even the blood draw!"

    “The medication really helped me. I hope it reaches the market soon.” Gloria

    “The staff accommodated my schedule at every change. This service is hard to find. Whatever was used in this
    study cleared up most of my acne. Nothing else has worked thus far.”  Martin

    “My participation in this study has been very important to me. My condition has improved and I hope that this
    medicine helps everyone with this same type of affliction. My heartfelt appreciation to Isabel and to all who work at
    Horizons.” Beatriz

    “The staff was great! Everything ran smoothly and every time I had a question it was answered right away.” Porscha

    “I have received very good care. Everyone has been very concerned about me. This is the second study that I
    have participated in with Horizons and I would absolutely participate in another one.”  Tatia

    “Thank you for the opportunity to participate and your wonderful care!” David

    “I thought the experience was great and I appreciated the patience of everyone.” Ruth

    "I would do it (participate) again. Very nice experience and great people!" Steven

    "I feel the medication was effective in treating my condition. Please contact me for future studies." Roger

    "Everything is great! Very nice staff!" Ray

    "Great team! Thank you for this great experience!" Lissa

    “I thought all visits and examinations were planned, and scheduled very well. This facility has a relaxed peaceful
    environment and I was treated with friendly courtesy.” Edward

    "I feel that all phases of the study and the personnel administrating the study did a wonderful job. There were no
    surprises and communication was timely." Timothy

    "The people were very friendly and informative. Thank you!" Robert

    "Staff was very knowledgeable. Throughout the visits I always asked questions and the staff was happy to answer
    them. I never had to wait more than a minute or two in the waiting room. My time is valuable and I appreciated not
    having to sit and wait." Linda

    "I was very pleased with the manner in which every aspect of the study was handled, especially adhering to the
    schedule, so my time was not wasted." Kenneth

    "This was my first clinical study and the experience was very satisfying and knowledgeable for me. My blood
    pressure has never been this low. I haven't felt this energized and vibrant in years. I am almost sad it has to end.
    The atmosphere was friendly and I felt welcomed at all times. The staff made me feel that my participation and feed
    back were important to this research." Monica

    "Everything was well organized and professional." Peter

    "Very friendly and professional! Isabel is wonderful! Thank you! My condition has improved. Thanks for the
    opportunity, appreciate it!" Daniel

    "Isabel is terrific, very pleasant, very professional, very efficient!" Pearl

    "The only problem I had was finding the building the first day. After that it was fine. Staff very helpful and friendly. I
    was comfortable here." John

    "The study conducted was very professional in every way. The medication worked wonders! I am very pleased at
    the results and asked my personal doctor if she could prescribe the medication for me." Eugene
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